HK Harbour City × Mayuka Morimoto コラボお年玉袋

香港の有名ショッピングモール「Harbour City」とコラボ紅包袋(Lay-see packets)を制作しました。



Blooming Bunny Year @Harbour City – Harbour City




香港では年末にお年玉袋(Lay-see packets) をゲットするのが楽しみの一つらしく、


The Year of the Rabbit is arriving soon! This year, Harbour City invites Mayuka Morimoto, the Japanese Embroidery artist, to create 6 embroidery artworks with a rabbit theme and adopts the design to our limited-edition of “Blooming Bunny Year” Embroidery Lai See Packets. Meanwhile, Harbour City also launches the “Rabbit Ears Knot Double-Sided Lai See Pouch” for charity sales and redemption from 6 to 21 Jan 2023. All proceeds go to Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation. The installation “New Year Wishing Pond” will also be set on the second-floor entrance of Ocean Terminal and showcase the embroidery artworks of Mayuka Morimoto. We send our blessings and wish everyone a prosperous Year of the Rabbit!

Harbour City x Mayuka Morimoto Limited Edition of “Blooming Bunny Year” Embroidery Lai See Packets

Harbour City specially invites Mayuka Morimoto, the Japanese Embroidery artist, to create 6 embroidery artworks with a rabbit theme, presenting the imagination of a rabbit in a sea of flowers with each stitch. The Rabbit, which is sometimes lively and energetic, and sometimes well-behaved and quiet, leaps onto the Lai See packets and transforms into the bright and eye-catching embroidery Lai See packets.

Every set of the Lai See packets comes in 6 designs with a total of 18 pieces. It is designed in a circle-shape just like the embroidery hoop and the texture of embroidery is imitated by exquisite hot stamping, embossing and debossing printing technique. Each Lai See packet shows various rabbits in the field and brings it to life. The artistic creation of the embroidery Lai See packets makes it a work of art and displays the unique talent of Mayuka Morimoto, which is of great appreciation and collection value. The back of the Lai See is printed with embroidered embellishments and added blessings quotes with matching designs.

“Rabbit Ears Knot Double-Sided Lai See Pouch”

The Lai See pouch launched by Harbour City every year has become a tradition and are practical accessories to highlight your New Year outfit. This year, we launch the “Rabbit Ears Knot Double-Sided Lai See Pouch” to match the theme of our Lai See packets. Lai See Pouch is available in purple & pink and purple & yellow colour combinations, and wavy lines are printed on each side to enhance the sense of depth.

“New Year Wishing Pond” and Mayuka Morimoto Embroidery Exhibition Details:

Date: 9 – 27 Jan 2023
Time: 10am – 10pm

Venue: Level 2 Entrance, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City

About Mayuka Morimoto

Mayuka Morimoto is a Japanese embroidery artist who started to gain popularity on Instagram@cherin_mayuka. After getting attention online, she published her own embroidery book in Japanese which was translated into Chinese and Korean. Her success has continued from there.

She lives in Hokkaido and draws inspiration from nature. With animals and flowers as her favourite themes, she is keen on making faux animal fur look as realistic as possible, hoping to cheer up audiences with her work